Civic Hall meeting

15 December 2017 Regions: Regions

Since 2013 National Food Agency (NFA) of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of Georgia unites private sector representatives to improve private-public dialogue and communication with the stakeholders. NFA Civic Hall was co-founded by 30 organizations, experts and scientists working in the fields of food safety, veterinary and plant protection.  USDA Animal Health program beneficiaries- Veterinarians’ Regional Associations (VRAs) are constant members of the Civic Hall.

On 14th of December, 2017 the 10th Civic Hall meeting was conducted by the NFA.  Traditionally, discussion topics were selected from the members. Changes in low of veterinary higher education and following activities were proposed by the VRAs.  Meeting was hosted by the head of NFA Mr. Zurab Chekurashvili and head of the departments chaired the sub-structural group discussions. 

VRAs from Kakheti, Shida Kartli and Kvemo Kartli regions were actively participated in the veterinary sub-structural group discussion. The meeting was focused on the following topics: progress of the animal identification and registration program; implemented veterinary activities and surveillance and changes in low of veterinary high education. The VRAs were highly motivated within the above-mentioned subjects. It should be mentioned that based on recent changes approved by the parliament of Georgia, veterinary have been added into the list of regulatory profession.  Creation of clear legal requirements regarding the veterinary high education will support the further development of the profession.

“It will allow the Georgia to improve standards and study programme that would meet the needs of the country and will support sustainable development of the reforms related to animal health sector in frame of European and Georgian harmonization process” - mentioned the deputy head of NFA Demna Khelaia.

“Up to the 20 years of experience working as an private veterinarian, I have strong commitment to rise a questions regarding the veterinary regulation on behalf of Kvemo Kartli veterinarians. These changes will strengthen the role of private veterinarians and ensure their positioning at the market ”- emphasised member of Kvemo Kartli VRA Mrs Natela Kuldinashvili.

USDA’s Animal Health Program has been implemented science 2008 by GRDD of GIPA in partnership with Colorado State University (CSU) to promote a private veterinary sector with appropriate incentives through development of the VRAs.  The approach is focused on ensuring long-term sustainability of veterinarians, who are the primary beneficiaries and VRAs by building organizational capacity and raising veterinary skills.  VRAs are established in seven out of 12 regions of the county, namely in Kakheti, Samtskhe-Javkheti, Samegrelo-zemo Svaneti, Shida Kartli, Ajara, Imereti and, most recently, the latest in Kvemo Kartli region.